Smart, Digital Manufacturing

Empower your workforce.
Optimize your efficiency.
Digitize your factory.

Transform your factory, From the palm of your hand

Our easy-to-scale Real Time Operation Inteligance (RtOI) platform and applications enables small and medium factories to harness smart digital manufacturing - with amazing speed and ROI. Deploy IOT devices, secure cloud-based connectivity and smart connected apps to gain live OEE control, real-time manufacturing analytics, and an information-empowered workforce.

Smart Connected Apps

Specialized app for managers and operators provide your workforce with the right information, at the right time - enabling informed decision-making and quick issue resolution.


Secure-Cloud Connectivity

Developed with Cisco, InCloudFactory™
ensures secure, fast and stable data
connectivity from your factory to the cloud.

Plug & Play

Deploy within hours using our simple starter
kit – and start delivering ROI immediately.

Agile Solution

Start small with minimal upfront investment
and scale-up to giant capacity by adding
modules and features according to your needs.

A Word From Our Customers

Secure your future, the digital way

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Compete with industry giants on quality, cost and time to market, by digitally streamlining every aspect of your production process.
Optimize Efficiency and Productivity

Optimize Efficiency and Productivity

Reduce material and energy consumption, prevent downtime and bottlenecks, and make best practices sustainable by preserving knowledge.
Knowledge Preservation

Knowledge Preservation

Monitor and capture the complete digital production journey for full auditability, production repeatability and knowledge capture

Gain Total Visibility, Transparency and Control

Gain Total Visibility, Transparency and Control

With live OEE and instant access to KPIs, enable managers and workers to make faster, better-informed decisions and react quickly to unforeseen issues - delivering immediate productivity improvements.

Our KPIs, Your Savings

Increase In Machine Utilization

Increase In Machine Utilization

Decrease in Energy Consumption

Decrease in Energy Consumption

Decrease in Large Material Waste

Decrease in Large Material Waste

ROI (Return On Investment)

ROI (Return On Investment)

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What’s New

Press Release  |  March 30, 2017

LeaderMES Announces the
Launch of the Operator App in its
Industry 4.0 Solution

Providing crucial information and tools for real-time operation on the production floor .

Press Release |  July - 2017

LeaderMES Announces the Appointment of Tasman Machinery as Its Business Partner in Australia, New Zealand and South Sea Islands

LeaderMES is proud to announce a new business partnership with a leading supplier of plastics manufacturing solutions in Australia & New Zealand, Tasman Machinery.
Press Release  |  July 2017

LeaderMES Joins SantoChem and GeoForce Technologies for a roadshow among manufacturers

LeaderMES joins its partners in Malaysia, SantoChem, and in Taiwan, GeoForce Technologies, on a roadshow among manufacturers, presenting the possibilities that LeaderMES’ solutions open to clients who are looking to benefit from IOT technologies.

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